Why I start this blog?

I’m an IT professional, having worked in IT industry since 2008 around Microsoft stack. I do have my own blog, created in 2010, which receives around 300 – 400 visitors per day who like to learn from my experience. I’ve been a guest speakers in many international and local technology conferences covering Microsoft products. I know I have to make myself a change this time.

Why is it NBKM?

NBKM is simply “No Body Knows Me“. I don’t want anyone who knows who owns and writes this blog. I’m not really an introvert man. And said above I’m a technology speaker and traveler so there is really a reason as to why I’m introvert. I’m married and really happy with my life right now with my wife. I own my house and have an acceptable salary which not many people in my country are able to reach to.


Why this blog?

This blog is to record what I learn from Python programming language. I want to write it down here to memorize myself, and to remind me that this blog is originally where I start writing about Python in my learning life. I thought I would one day inform publicly to people that I write this blog. Perhaps that’s the day when I’m familiar with Python and can involve in a paid software project using Python.


This is not the website I wish I share step-by-step Python tutorial like so many resources over the Internet. I’m not going to write blog daily. It’s depend on how free I am and how much I know to write during my learning period.


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