Why do I chose to learn Python?

I used to learn .NET framework, and a bit of C# and ASP.NET technology. Ironically my work does not require me to learn such a programming language. I learn the structure of .NET code to understand what my developer writes about. If the world of software engineer called Junior Code Reader then I’d highly be qualified to take this role.


Well, this is not code reader device above. Junior Code Reader is just somebody who partially understand what a bunch of code is about and how it works.

Where have I heard of Python?

I like reading technology news, especially things related to Microsoft every day. In addition to reading habit, the buzzword “Digital Transformation” is surrounding me. Digging into it, I get to know about some of the new keywords such as Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things, and Cyber-security. I think this is perhaps the right time for me to pick any of these things to seriously learn and try to get involved as soon as possible. But if just learning by reading theory, I will not have hands-on experience to be qualified in a paid project (aka. a real-world project). No matter what the trend is, there must be a programming language to build that kind of thing.

Researching more, I realize that people tend to start with Python because this programming language can be applied to not only Data Analytics, but also Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-security. Flashed in my mind the question: If I know how to code Python, can I get into any of these areas? Yes I can if right now I can code Python. But there is no guaranty at the time when I’m familiar with Python, right? I try to avoid such a question above and start looking into several resources to get my hands dirty in Python. Below is the survey made in 2016 by Stack Overflow


I’m not going to explain why Python is one of the hottest programming languages these days. Below are some helpful references I’ve read through.

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