Day 01 – Just Install And Write The Very First Python

This post is being written early morning when I go to the company then enjoy atmosphere of the spring from a coffee shop. I only have time at evening until mid-night for learning Python so the learning speed would be slow. It also depends on how well I’m, and of course how free as well.

If you happen to read my blog and like my writing style, I do appreciate you. But I don’t recommend you to follow me to learn from what I write here. Perhaps because there are many other much better resources which explain better than me. English is not my mother-tongue!

Well, let’s get started with the very first lesson of Python. Of course, when learning a programming language, you need to install an SDK (Software Development Kit). Other resources call “interpreter” which understands your code and give you the output. Depending on the material you are using for learning, the Python version may vary. I’m Learn Python The Hard Way course to learn, along with my OS is Windows, then I pick Python 2.7 for Windows. I don’t mind to dig into differences between the two versions. If you need an editor which is better than NotePad, go download and install Atom.

After your Python installation, open Atom or NotePad and start writing the very first line of code to print out the message. It’s simple as follows:

print "Hello World!"
print "Do you want to learn Python"

Save it, with the extension is *.py (e.g, You now need to execute the file To do that, open PowerShell, type python (make sure you navigate to where the file is located).


Ok you are done the very first line of code using Python programming language. You can type as many lines as you like to get your hands weary. This is the first lesson I learnt last night so I’m about  to finish this article here.


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